Green Smoothie

I have a green smoothie for breakfast pretty much every morning.  It’s a great way to start the day out right and get those fruits and veggies in.  Now I’ve seen a lot of variants of the green smoothie, and my basic recipe isn’t very sweet.  I try to watch how much fruit I consume because it’s still converted to sugar.  Also, I’ve given up a lot of processed sugars so I don’t like things as sweet as other people do.  If you try out this recipe, you can add more fruits or sweeten with honey to make it fit your tastes.  Just remember that this is my base recipe that I developed off a recipe from my chiropractor, and even I riff off of it.


Snarfy’s Green Smoothie

1 bag of Trader Joe’s Power Greens
1 banana
Grape seed oil or Coconut oil (melted)
8-12 drops of food or theraputic grade Essential Oils

Stuff the greens into your blender. Add enough water to liquify (I usually add water just to the top of the greens). Blend the greens until liquid. Add the banana, oil and essential oils. I use Doterra oils, specifically Wild Orange (5 drops), Grapefruit (4 drops), and Lemon (3 drops). There you have it – my basic green smoothie.

To sweeten it up, add an apple (I like fuji or gala). You can also throw in some blueberries, raw local honey, strawberries, mango, pineapple, or any other fruit. I always keep some frozen fruit around too so I have something in case I run out of bananas.  Also, for an extra boost, I’ll occasionally do half-half coconut water and water.  Super good after a workout.

If you have one of those fancy pants high speed blenders, you don’t have to blend in stages.  I, however, don’t have a fancy pants blender so I go in stages.

If you prefer to get your greens separately or from the farmer’s market, try blending kale, spinach, and Swiss chard.  You could also just do one kind of green, but I feel like that makes it too strong in one flavor.  Blending greens FTW!

And yes, I chug it straight from the blender.


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