My guacamole is pretty inconsistent.

That’s because I freestyle my guacamole.  I know the basics: avocados and lime.  As long as you have avocados and lime you pretty much can’t go wrong.  But sometimes I open up my fridge to see what else I can throw in there.  This is my preferred version, when I have everything in my kitchen.

guacamole1   guacamole2


3 ripe avocados
6-8 limes
1 jalapeno
some salt and garlic powder
a wee bit of salsa

Mash the avocados up in a bowl with the juice of the limes. Chop up that jalapeño and add in as much as the seeds and ribs as you like to control the heat. Sometimes I use the whole thing, sometimes I take some of it out. Salt and garlic powder to taste (I go light on the salt and add a shitton of garlic powder). Add some salsa to loosen it up if it’s a little too thick. You could also add more lime juice if it’s not citrusy enough for you. If I have it around, I also like to throw in cilantro.  Then I like to let it sit a little bit so the flavors can mingle and get acquainted, but you could eat it right away if you want.

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