Food Porn: Breakfast

I’m sorry guys. I’ve been really bad about staying on top of my posts. Ideally, I would have the movie night nom post up either on movie night or the day after. Here I am posting last week’s dinner and it’s come back around to the next movie night already. Dang. Life just gets in the way sometimes, don’t it?

In any case, Archaellys and I settled on breakfast for dinner last week and oh man was it good.  Of course it was a little epic as well, meaning there was totally too much food on my plate, but neither of us had much to eat that day because of the special Mod World broadcast.

I don’t really think I need to post a recipe for this since the waffle iron hashrowns are already up here and the rest was mostly bacon and omelettes.  Omelettes are more of a skill thing than a recipe thing since you can put anything in them.  I suggest to just keep practicing your technique to get the fold(s) right.  I only do one fold as I turn the omelette out of the pan, but some people do the double fold and get a long skinny one.  This particular omelette had chicken apple sausage, onion, bell pepper, and jack cheese.  Arc’s had bratwurst, onion, bell pepper, and pecorino romano cheese.

And I always need to put a little tapatio on my eggs…


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