Ghetto Cobbler

My aunt taught me how to make this and of course she didn’t call it Ghetto Cobbler.  She calls it Cherry Delight.  I made it for my co-workers at my former job once though and they kept calling it a cobbler.  Once they found out how I make it, they changed their name a little bit.

In any case it’s really easy to make and you can swap out the pie cherries for any pie filling you like, so long as it’s in the weird pie goop.  Don’t use the canned cherries in water that are commonly on the shelf next to the goopy cherries.  That sounds appealing by the way, doesn’t it?  “Goopy Cherries” … yum.


Cherry Delight aka Ghetto Cobbler

1 box yellow cake mix
1 can Comstock pie cherries
1 stick butter, melted

Pre-heat your oven to 350 deg F.  Grab yourself an oven safe container in the 8×8″ size variety.  I like to use a square Pyrex dish if I’m showing this off at a dinner party or something so that you can see the cherries, but you don’t have to do that – a regular cake pan works just fine.  Dump your can of pie cherries into your oveny vessel and top it with the plain dry cake mix.  Take your melted stick of butter and pour that all over the top of the cake mix.  Make sure you cover the cake mix in butter – you might need a little more.  Throw this in the oven until the top is crisp and done, sort of like a cobbler topping.  It should take about 20-30 minutes.  Of course, I never time it… I just check it every so often.  Spoon it into bowl and serve with whipped cream.  You can let it cool a little, but this is best served warm – at least room temp – but you can also eat it cold out of the fridge.

Like I said, you can swap the cherries out for any other pre-made pie filling with goop.  I’ve seen apple, peaches, strawberry, and all kinds of other options at the store.  Just make sure it’s something you like.

If you want to make a bigger batch, use a 9×12″ pan with twice the amount of fruit.  You can still keep it at 1 box of can mix and have a thinner topping.  This recipe was originally made with one can of pie cherries and one box of Jiffy cake mix, which only make one layer instead of two.  Play with your cake mix to pie filling ratio to get what you like.  Seriously, sometimes there is half a box of cake mix in my pantry because I didn’t want as much cobbler topping.  Sometimes I use the whole thing.  Just depends on how I feel.

I’ve yet to try this with a gluten free cake mix.  I’ll report back if I do, but if you beat me to it, let me know how it came out in the comments.

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