Lost Movie Night Post

There was a surprise movie night earlier this month on December 13th that I never posted about.  I really meant to, but like I said in a previous post, there was an unexpected holiday hiatus with everything that was going on.  Sorry about that folks.

The 12/13 movie night was unplanned and so was dinner.  Didn’t take much work to talk Archaellys into some Five Guys burgers and fries.  I usually get a little hamburger all the way in a lettuce wrap.  Arc went all out with a regular bacon burger, so I decided to one up it with the large Cajun fries (usually we split the regular size), which we dipped in ranch dressing.  Don’t forget the peanuts – the guy actually gave us a bag for them so we might have loaded up.  That’s only one little tray you see in the pic.  Totally a cheat day for me, no question about it.

And I might have picked up a tin of the dark chocolate caramel wedges when I was at Trader Joe’s that morning before work.  They may or may not be absolutely delicious.


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