Movie Night Noms: Scrapple and Eggs

Our movie night for December 27 is Christmas Observed in The Rumpus Room.  Arc and I really wanted to have a Christmas celebration with our Twitch family, and this is the best way that we could do it.  At first, I really wanted to go all out and make another Christmas dinner.  I thought about getting a ham and doing a brown sugar-mustard glaze, or maybe try my hand at lamb.  But since it was Christmas Observed in The Rumpus Room, we could only eat one thing…


Archaellys made a hilarious yet instructional video about making scrapple and you can watch that here.  He was even nice enough to share the actual recipe, so technically, this is my first guest post.  Now go forth, make scrapple, and food coma happy!


  • 1 Pork Rump or Shoulder at least 3-4 lbs. A larger cut can be used but be aware you will need a larger pot.
  • One Box of Corn Meal. You may need more all depending on the finished amount of pork and water.
  • Water
  • Non-Stick Spray
  • Vegetable/Canola Oil or Crisco shortening.
  • Large stock pot or similar cooking vessel. Looking online, a good 16-20 qt. pot will do nicely.
  • Wire whisk or similar implement.
  • 4-6x  Disposable 9x9x1″ square Aluminum pans. (Ones that also come with plastic covers are ideal for storage)
Prep Work:
Ok, it really doesn’t get any easier than this. Get out your pork butt or shoulder and give it a quick rinse down if it a bit bloody and plop it into your stock pot.
Fill the stock pot with enough water that it just begins to cover the pork or it starts to float.
Bring to a boil then reduce heat and cover. Make sure that it maintains at least a rolling boil when covered.
Let this bad boy cook for at least 6-8 hours or until the meat has nearly fully shredded itself. Note: During this time it is essential that the water level be replenished as close to the initial fill line when you started. Another thing is that although it is fine to skim some of the extra fat “foam” from the surface its not necessary. Excessive fat removal may alter the mixtures cohesion ability while setting.
After meat has shredded, remove any bones from the mixture.
Using a wire whisk, slowly begin to add corn meal to the water/pork mixture to avoid clumping. Keep adding corn meal until mixing becomes “labored” Essentially, you will be mixing this stuff until your arms fall off. You will know when its about ready when the mixture has the consistency of very thick pancake batter.
Now get your square cake pans ready by giving them a spray of non-stick spray before filling. This helps release the block after it has set overnight.
Fill each pan to at least 3/4 of the way up the pan leaving just around 1/16th”. This will give you optimum scrapple bars.
All in all, this should make between 4 to 6 full pans depending on the yield.
Wait overnight and get ready to enjoy some scrapple deliciousness… OR you can have some immediately which I’ll cover near the bottom of this email.
Cooking the scrapple:
Just like the prep work, its all pretty simple but in my experience its also something thats easy to mess up. But all is not lost and I will explain.
Remove scrapple from fridge and ensure that it has solidified completely. If it hasn’t I will provide an alternate cooking method.
For the frying pan you have a couple of choices. If you are a traditionalist, only a seasoned cast iron pan will do the job. However for ease of use, a good non-stick pan will do and does not affect the outcome of the finished product.
Place enough oil in the pan to give you even coverage of about 1/8th inch but no more than 1/4 inch else your bars might be going for a swim and fall apart. As an alternate to oil, Crisco shortening yields the best results, so if you are using it, add enough to give yourself about the same amount of coverage. During cooking, you may need to add some oil/Crisco as some of it will get absorbed.
After you have released the block out of the pan, cut the block in 1/4″ strips then cut all the strips in half.
To test if your pan is hot enough for cooking take a small piece of scrapple and toss it in to see if it starts to sizzle and bubble.
Place 2-4 bars of scrapple into the pan, being mindful of the hellish chaos of boiling oil. Maintain your stove temp between medium high and full power. If the bars are browning too slowly then ramp up the heat, and turn down if the edges are starting to blacken too fast.
Once you start to see browned edges its time to flip. The bars should release from the pan relatively easy. If they seem a little loose or floppy you can wait a couple more minutes and try again. Once flipped you now have the option to salt the cooked side, but its not critical… only if you like it salty!!!
Once both sides are done, rescue your bars and place on a plate and immediately salt the bars to your liking. Doing this now ensures you get the salt to stick to the bars, but you can always add more salt later. Stick the holding plate into oven on the lowest temp or warming drawer (at least 170F).
Keep on cooking until you have desired amount or whole block is cooked. Add new arrivals to plate and salt.
Make some eggs to your specifications.
Plate up!
Congrats, you have made the best thing in the world… Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of the Gods… SCRAPPLE!!!!
Now for special considerations/alternate cooking methods:
This may or may not happen, but sometimes the scrapple will not congeal. There are many explanations for this ranging from ambient temp, moister, you name it. But your batch is not wasted and can still be prepared.
What follow also applies if you wish to have some scrapple the day you’ve prepped it in the pot.
Scrapple Cakes/Patties:
Equally as good as the bars… this is my preferred method of enjoying scrapple deliciousness.
Prep your frying pan just the same with oil/Crisco
Using a large tablespoon, scoop up a ball of scrapple at least an inch wide and carefully land into your pan.
Using the same spoon or flipping spatula flatten out the ball in the pan, spreading it to about the thickness the bars would have had.
Only do 2-3 of these patties at one time for adequate spacing.
Cook patties to the above steps and enjoy!!!

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