Snarfy’s Secret Spicy Sriracha Sauce

Okay, it’s not really a secret if I’m posting the recipe, right?  I don’t know why I haven’t made this more to put on things.  Well…. I *DO* know why and it involves not eating as much mayonnaise anymore.  But.  Well.  Hmmm.

I needed something to dip my fries in last night and I didn’t have supplies to make ranch dressing and I wasn’t feeling the ketchup.  I looked at my friend’s supplies and put mayonnaise and sriracha together.  Let’s just say that the sauce ended up everywhere: on the burger, on my fries, on my fingers, on my face… yeah.  Sauce.  True to my impromptu cooking form, I have no measurements but I really really really wanted to share this with y’all.


Snarfy’s Secret Spicy Sriracha Sauce

An ungodly amount of mayonnaise
Enough Sriracha to melt snow off your ass

Put the mayonnaise and sriracha in a bowl and mix until your preferred hotness and sriracha levels are reached.  I ended up using quite a bit of sriracha, so you might not actually need an ungodly amount of mayonnaise.  It’s just fun to say that you do.

This would be delicious on sandwiches, if I ate sandwiches.  Instead, I’m going to go smother this on some more fries and burger patties…

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  1. Okay, dude, I’mma blow your mind: add horseradish. Just like a spoonful. Seriously.

    1. Snarfy says:

      OMG. YES. Mind is blown. Next time for sure.

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