Another Spaghetti Squash Creation

Mission: make healthy dinner quick with what’s on hand, which happens to be primarily ground turkey and spaghetti squash… aaaand GO!

Now before some of you go all “WHAT?! There’s butter and cream in the recipe! How is that GOOD for you??” These are generally good fats that help with nutrient absorption and good fats are exactly that in moderation. If butter and cream freak you out because you’re convinced that you will end up wearing all fat consumed, swap the butter for another neutral flavored healthy cooking fat of your choice that you’re more comfortable with and the cream for some coconut milk (the thick stuff in the can, not the beverage), or just omit all together. Or if you’re lactose intolerant and stuffs, do the swapping too. Don’t die, k?


More Spaghetti Squashness

1/3 medium sized spaghetti squash, cooked
1/2 pound ground turkey, cooked and seasoned to taste
Marinara Sauce
Nutritional Yeast

Get yourself your handy dandy cooking vessel – I used a frying pan. Put it on medium heat and get a pat of butter melting. Throw a little sage in that butter. I used some dried stuff I had in the cabinet, but if you have fresh on hand, use that. Add your pre-cooked spaghetti squash to the pan. If you’re not sure how to cook spaghetti squash, it’s really easy and I explained it once in a previous recipe. Sometimes I like to roast a couple spaghetti squashes and keep it handy in the fridge if I’m on a “pasta” kick.

Okay, so your spaghetti squash is in that hot pan with some butter and sage. Salt and pepper to taste at this point. Add in your ground turkey (I usually season mine with salt, pepper and granulated garlic) and dust it all in some thyme (I like whole leaf, but if you have ground thyme, go light handed on that dusting).

Once that’s heated through, add in your marinara sauce. I’m not fancy enough to make and jar my own, so I’m that person standing in the sauce aisle, reading labels to buy sauce that doesn’t have any sugar added. Seriously, didn’t know that there’s sugar in your marinara? Read the label – it’s crazy what you find in there and it’s harder to find sauce without sugar than you think. But yeah, add some sauce to coat everything to your liking. I used probably about a quarter cup to a half cup on mine.

Now dust all that gloriousness with some nutritional yeast. Don’t know what that is? Use some grated parmesan instead. Know what that is? Awesome. By the way, if I haven’t been saying this all along, make sure you’re periodically stirring your squash concoction. I use some tongs to make sure everything gets tossed and heated evenly.

After your nutritional yeast/cheese is incorporated, add a splash of cream to the mix and toss everything to incorporate. Once it’s all mixed up nice and good, plate it up and enjoy! I liked it to much, I made more to take for lunch tomorrow.

This turned out to be sooooooo freaking good, but the picture looks like a glop of goop on a pretty plate. Trust me though, it’s totally worth it. Delicious AND good for you!

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