Avocado, Chicken, & Egg Salad

So I’ve been doing some clean eating meal plans with Johanna at Love Your Health again to clean up after the delicious horror story that was eating around the holidays. In January, I did her free 5-day Whole Food Challenge with my whole family and some friends to get back in the habit of eating better. We all learned a lot about ourselves and our bodies and it was nice to do something with such a sizable group of folks that are very important to me. About a week later, I went right into a  21-Day Reset with Real Food and Real Results. So in following someone else’s recipes to get back on the horse, I haven’t exactly been that creative or experimental in the kitchen. I have however lost 10 pounds, got back in touch with my body again, and have developed better communication skills with my family. This in turn has made me feel better supported in making these healthier choices. The best part is that in dragging my future mother-in-law into my better eating habits, her numbers are getting better too (she’s also type 2 diabetic with a few other health concerns to watch). If I can help her, I can help me, right?

Yeah, I’m riding a positivity high right now. It’s amazing what clean eating does for my mentality.

One of Johanna’s recipes inspired me to make an “avocado, chicken, & egg” salad that I’m making part of my regular routine when I’m back on my own again. On its own, it’s mayo/dairy/gluten/soy/bullshit free. I tested it on a toasted English muffin (protein avocado toast anyone?) but I want to find a way to enjoy this without the gluten since gluten elicits a response from my body (mostly headaches and feeling gross overall). So far we’ve had it on crackers (no, not gluten free), but also rolled up in nori. You can accomplish this with the snack sized seaweed, but I’m a big fan of using the full size to make a Seaweed Tube O’ Protein Egg Salad. I have a few recipes for cassava flatbread and a new tortilla press, so when I feel up to it, I’ll try it on homemade tostadas and flatbread. Got any other ideas?

As an aside, I would really like to have a blog posting schedule. I’ve got a backlog of recipes to post for now to buy myself some content time, but I’m going to shoot for a new post every Wednesday. Got feedback or recipe suggestions? Hit up the comments!


Avocado, Chicken, & Egg Salad

4 hard boiled eggs, peeled and washed
1 ripe avocado
1/4 cup chopped red onion
Juice of half a lime
1 can of chicken breast
Salt and pepper to taste

Add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl. Mash it all up with a potato masher. Serve on your preferred food delivery device (English muffin, crackers, lettuce leaves, cucumbers). Garnish with more pepper and paprika. If you’d like to change it up, you can add chopped pickles or chopped black olives.

That’s it. It’s really stupid simple and delicious!

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